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Anaesthesia means “loss of sensation” which is a medical treatment used to cure sufferers from getting hurt due to pain during operations and surgeries and induce sleep.

Surgery & Laparoscopic Surgery

Laparoscopy is a kind of surgical diagnostic process that allows a doctor to see what's there inside of the abdomen and pelvis just by making small incisions in the skin.

Obsterics & Gynaecology

Obstetrics deals explicitly with the well-being of the pregnant lady and her baby.


Cardiology is a medical specialization and a discipline of internal medicine involved with diseases and disorders of cardiovascular system.


Diabetology is the clinical science of diabetes mellitus; it focuses on diabetic healthcare, determination, medication, and proper follow-up.


Pediatrics is a medical discipline and the branch of medicine dealing with the medical care, health, and ensuring the well-being of newborns, infants, and teenagers up to the age of eighteen. In mental psychological and physiological viewpoints, kids differ from adults.


Orthopedics is a medical practice that centers on diseases, disorders and injuries of the musculoskeletal system covering your joints, bones, tendons, ligaments, nerves, and muscles, which is allowing us to do work actively.


Oncology is a medical discipline that centers on treating cancer and tumors, in short, is the medical devoted to cancer.


Dermatology is the special discipline of medicine that includes the research, experimentation, analysis, and handling of any disorders that may harm the skin, membranes, nails, fat hair, aging ailments of the skin, and agile to chronic cancers.


Pulmonary is a sub-specialization of internal medicine that centers on the analysis, prevention, and curing the diseases affecting the respiratory system and lungs.


Ophthalmology is a medical discipline associated with health issues to the eye, its encompassing structures, and the optical system.


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The Mother Teresa Hospital in Basirhat is one of the leading hospitals, which completely focused on modern medicine and healthcare. We never get behind the latest medical trends to give the best healthcare service possible to our clients. Providing promising healthcare at reasonable expenses is our vision because you are more than just another patient to us.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Swasthya Sathi's card accepted in this hospital?                

Mother Teresa Hospital accepts all types of medical insurance including Swasthya Sathi card.

Does this hospital have trauma care facilities?

Yes! Mother Teresa Hospital has a Trauma care department with qualified and experienced trauma management team.

How many beds are there in this hospital?

Here 250 beds are available for patients

Is ICU care available here?

In this hospital, both ICU and NICU facilities are available with 24-hour medical emergency service

Is there any good cardiology doctor at OPD?

Yes! There are many top-quality and experienced doctors at OPD in Cardiology

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  • 24*7 emergency ICU and trauma care facilities

    No matter what your medical emergency is, Mother Teresa Hospital is always there for you with the best ambulance, ICU, NICU, and trauma care facilities.

  • Highly qualified and experienced doctors

    Doctors are the backbone of the hospital. Hence, here we only appoint experienced and top-quality doctors to provide the best healthcare possible.

  • Top grade and latest medical equipment

    We love to upgrade our medical facilities. Hence, here you can get all the benefits of modern medicine and the latest medical equipment.

  • Insurance and Swasthya Sathi cards are accepted

    Medical expense is not a burden anymore. Get the best quality medical facilities by using any medical insurance including a Swasthya Sathi card.

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